Andrew McAnulty, Link Housing Executive Director

We engaged Kate to help us with both the design and delivery of our 2017 Senior Leadership Team Conference. Held across a 3-day period, Kate was instrumental in helping us stay on track and achieve the core business goals we set for the conference. Always flexible, Kate can adapt and respond to the discussion in the room to reveal sometimes hidden dynamics and eloquently integrate these views toward a collaborative outcome. Her deep knowledge of both organisational dynamics and commercial focus ensures that she can move between various roles throughout the program as needed that include a pure facilitator, consultant and trainer.

Kate is dynamic, responsive and strategic - her engaging style enabled a comprehensive set of outcomes to be achieved.

Delegates 2015 AAGE Conference Keynote – Build your brand, raise your profile & get connected

Interesting speaker, engaging, relevant and thought provoking

LOVED her style - great message. An impressive presentation style - fast-paced and kept it interesting.

Sarah Cocco, Manager – Joint Investigation Response Team, Family and Community Services

Kate is an inspiring and motivating speaker and leader who has exceptional skill in helping others (in both public and private sectors) to pinpoint their values and career aspirations in order to drive their career accordingly. Kate was recently the Keynote Speaker at the JIRT FACS Practice Forum and the feedback from those in attendance has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you, Kate! I look forward to working with you in an ongoing capacity.

Natalie Fallon, Manager Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

I've had the pleasure of working with Kate to develop events that provide real career value to young professionals and then seen those plans in actions working on-on-one on my own career. Kate's insights into the psyche of employees and organisations give her an excellent capability to understand motivation on both sides and to find a way to achieve collaborative goals. She is an expert speaker and has a high energy in the room. Having seen her present to groups of 10 -100 I know her to be adaptable and able to understand her audience.  I would highly recommend collaborating with Kate on any project.

Lauren Thompson, Chair at Women in Engineering Victoria (Engineers Australia)

Kate recently spoke at our event 'Salary Negotiation and Career Progression' at Engineers Australia, Melbourne. She brought amazing energy to the room and held the presence of a skilled and experienced presenter. Kate's presentation was engaging, professional and interactive, encouraging attendees to reflect and think. She was both well informed on the topic and inspirational - everyone left energised and there was lots of discussion in the room following the presentation. Fantastic work Kate - thank you.

Alison MacDonald, Regional Manager NSW, Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

We were very fortunate to have Kate Boorer facilitate a session for our team to help us gain insights into what skills and experience we bring to our roles, our career values, and our communication styles. Kate delivered perfectly on the brief. The exercises were interesting, delivered at an ideal pace, and helped us all gain valuable lessons about ourselves and one another. And it was a really enjoyable experience. What sets Kate apart as a facilitator are her strengths as a communicator. Kate's style is clear, straight forward and without any jargon. She connects with people because she genuinely listens and is very attentive to the dynamics of the group and the needs of the individuals. We were all enthused by Kate's energy and focus and really appreciated the opportunity.

Wendy Donaldson, General Manager

Wendy Donaldson, General Manager

I first met with Kate when she presented on a panel for the Women in Franchising event in November 2015 as an Employee Engagement & Performance Specialist. Kate gave insights as to how you can find opportunities for growth in your career planning, business and personal development. Kate’s contribution to the panel discussion around the changing landscape of work and business resonated and I connected with her style and pragmatic approach.

At the time, I was pregnant with our second baby and knew that I would benefit from her leadership and development program when the time was right. It was almost a year later that I joined the LDMP to get clear on what I liked, what I was good at and align this to my chosen career path. I was facing big decisions in my career and Kate’s program was imperative to continuing to progress in the same business after seven years.

Over the next nine months I was exposed to some confronting truths about myself, my role and my priorities. I was introduced to my mentor who was perfectly matched to provide the strategic, structural and experience required to continue to provide me with truly sound advice and who has become a confidant and inspiring role model.

The LDMP takes you on a journey of self-discovery and awareness while providing real life, tangible take outs ready to implement immediately in a cross section of business. I was able to identify the ideal role within the company that I wanted to attain, the career path in which to get there to ensure that I was providing the most value to my organisation. I have received valuable insights into my strengths and learnt to leverage these to develop and inspire my team while focusing on operational efficiencies and organisational development. Together we have achieved the results for the business by ensuring our people in leadership roles are aligned with their unique strengths.

What I loved about the LDMP was being held accountable to my development goals, realising the value of dedicating time to get clear about those goals and find the right balance about what is important to me.

If you are unsure of where you are heading, or even how you got to where you are now, Kate and her amazing leadership development and mentor program will help you get clear on exactly what you like and what you are good at and how that can help you be successful in your current organisation or support you in transitioning to a new career.

Kate O’Connell, Organisational Performance Consultant

Kate O’Connell, Organisational Performance Consultant

I first met/worked with Kate in early 2017. At the time, I was experiencing frustration as I had grown out of my role and the organisation I was working in and was looking to expand my network, learn from other smart women, and invest in developing myself so that I could get clarity on what was next for me in my career.

Over the next 12 months I participated in the LDMP and was coached by Kate. I could prioritise my own development, continually reflect on my goals and eventually get really clear on what was next for me which has meant that I have ended up with the courage to walk away from an opportunity that isn’t right for me with complete confidence that it’s the right decision.

What I loved about the LDMP was the focus you end up having on yourself and your own goals, when typically, my focus has always been developing others.

Kate’s direct approach and provocative questioning really forces you to be honest with yourself. I’m usually providing that for others so it was a valuable switch to be the coachee myself and be challenged by someone as experienced as Kate. She doesn’t let you away with much - which is actually the best thing for you and the sign of a really good coach.

Emily Riddel, Chief Financial Officer

Emily Riddel, Chief Financial Officer

I first met Kate at YPWA’s annual International Women’s Day Conference in 2016. At the time, I was employed at an accounting firm and feeling frustrated at the lack of promotion opportunities I had, given the overly structured approach of the firm, and lack of recognition of my broader skill set. I was looking to meet similar aged successful women so that I could get an understanding of the different career paths they had walked to understand if I was wasting my time or gaining valuable experience.

Over the next 12 months, I participated in the LDMP and was also mentored by Kate. During the first three months, I was approached by a client to step up and take on the CFO role within their organisation. This was a huge promotion (3 levels higher than I was at the firm, and a negotiated salary increase of 85%). Kate helped me negotiate a revised package with my current firm which, while favourable, were not comparable, and I was then able to communicate a positive exit from the firm and continue a strong working relationship with them as a client going forward.

One of the most valuable parts about working with Kate has been gaining a better understanding of myself and my value, as well as meeting regularly with an amazing group of exceptional women.

I’d recommend getting involved in YPWA, and any of the associated courses Kate runs, to any woman who has a job they take seriously. The tools and mental clarity they arm you with can be used in a current situation or filed for future use. In my experience, the benefit you get from talking to like-minded women, even if they are in different industries or roles, will only enhance your ability to work through most career challenges as they arise.

Kate Edson, HR Manager

Kate Edson, HR Manager

I first worked with Kate in 2014 when I joined the first YPWA Leadership Development and Mentor program as a mentee. At the time, I was at a stage in my career where I didn’t know what it was I wanted to do I was looking for some support and guidance so that I could understand what direction I wanted to take.  Over the course of the program I gained a better understanding of what drives me. I was able to set achievable goals which lead me to gain confidence in my ability and find my way into a career I am passionate about. When the program ended I continued to work with Kate as a Circle Leader for the YPWA Inner Circle

My favourite part about working with Kate is that every time I work with her I am inspired to push my limits knowing that I have the support of both her and the rest of the YPWA community.

If you are feeling lost in your career, feel there is a better job out there for you but don’t know what it is or need confidence to ask for a promotion. Then I would come along to one of the YPWA Networking Events and see what it’s all about. Kate has created such a wonderful supportive community.

Nicole Dennis, Design and Strategy Manager 

Nicole Dennis, Design and Strategy Manager 

I met Kate for the first time at the YPWA International Women’s Day event in Sydney in 2014. At the time, I was looking to progress my career and to develop my leadership skills. Before that event, I had never really understood the specific challenges that women experience in the corporate workplace. It opened my eyes to the value of the unique skills and qualities that are often so under leveraged in many of today’s workplaces.

I put my name down for the Leadership Development and Mentor program that day and I haven’t looked back. I have learned so much from Kate. She is a gifted mentor, facilitator and career coach. Her ability to not only reveal key insights into someone’s situation, but to give them the tools to do it for them- selves, is profound. Her passion for inspiring women to overcome hurdles and to set goals for growth and change resonates through the YPWA community.

After graduating from the Leadership Development and Mentor program I have also attended a Confidence Workshop and participated in the Inner Circle pilot pro- gram as an Inner Circle Leader. Being part of a community of like-minded women who are committed to achieving their goals and can help you through challenges and setbacks, has been very valuable to me. Kate has created this community through her dedication to her clear vision, and her ability to leverage value from her extensive network of supporters.

Over the past 4 years I have been able to improve my confidence and transition roles from a specialist consultant, to a strategic leadership role in a start-up business. The coaching, advice and tools that Kate has given me has been critical to my success in navigating my career progres- sion in a male dominated and competitive industry.

My favourite part about working with Kate is her honestly, no nonsense talking, clarity, and her confidence to speak the truth. If you want to take the next step in your career but are unsure you have everything you need or if you don’t yet feel confident I would recommend that you speak to Kate and join one of the YPWA programs.